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Another New Release

July 4, 2012

My life is chaos. In addition to my very challenging and fun day job, I continue to pound out books, get in some quality time with family, exercise, and spend a little time sleeping. Still, I shouldn’t have forgotten to post the release of my third book in the Prison Earth series.

Prison Earth – The Resurrection and the Lie is the third and final book in the initial Prison Earth trilogy. It is available on, and brings an end to the intra-galactic war that was in full force at the end of book two. The Kindle version is coming soon.

However, my small and dedicated readers need not despair. There will be a fourth book. However, I am two books into a new paranormal series and need to get them edited and out before I get back to the Prison Earth series.

Oh yeah. And I also need to get my web site updated.

Chaos rules. Life would simply be too boring without it.

Clifford M. Scovell


Release Announcement

March 6, 2011

Prison Earth - A Loss of Face
I am happy to announce the release of my newest book, Prison Earth – A Loss of Face in digital format. It can be viewed on all the popular digital readers, and even computers.

This book is the second in a trilogy that follows both humans and aliens in their pursuit of peace in a decidedly un-peaceful galaxy. It gives you insight into the trials and tribulations of:

Mobia: an Antrakan soldier who is kidnapped while on leave and forced to face a two-headed giant in a fight-to-the-death battle.

Bouche Perpatton: though human, she came from another planet to help free Earth from alien domination, only to find herself titled the Madonna Returned from Heaven. She is forced to go along with the ruse to help unite Earth’s people in their fight against the aliens controlling our planet.

Pana Khephra: desperately searching for a way to help the Antrakan people win their war against Maatiirani pirates, he is trapped inside a sentient planet and must help it and its siblings stop their mother from enslaving everyone Pana loves.

Due to some technical issues, the printed version of this book is not yet available, but I hope to have it in stores soon.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth

An Announcement

February 27, 2011

I make my living as a computer support consultant for small businesses. Computers are complex “organisms” with a variety of interconnected relationships between hardware and software. Each element stands on its own, but also has an influence on the whole system. I do well as a consultant because I love dealing with the intricate details required to make a networking environment work. That probably explains why my novels are also complex. Multiple threads that weave through the story, intersecting and moving apart, or splitting into two more threads that carry different sides of the same drama.

Some readers complained about this complexity in my first book, Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged. Most loved the fast-paced adventure. Those who didn’t like my first book, probably won’t care for the next one, Prison Earth – A Loss of Face, due to be released very soon. (The proof is “in the mail.”) Those who did enjoy my first offering will be very happy with the complex, interwoven story that throws humans into the convoluted and dramatic world of alien cultures. All sides will be dealing with an intra-galactic war, and that is never pretty.

Humans are part of this story, and yes, for those who absolutely must know, they do some serious alien butt kicking. Of course, the aliens get their own licks in, so it’s not all one-sided. Check out my web site for an updated status on releases. In this complex world of publishing, things are going to be a bit staggered. Electronic releases will be coming out at different times, due to the way the process works.

Happy reading!

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – The Series

Prison Earth 2 cover

V is for…

March 22, 2010

I find it exciting that the new hit Sci-Fi series V is back on the air March 30th. Though there has been some controversy over the critically acclaimed show, I find it invigorating, and not just because I also write science fiction. Top-notch directing presents a fast-paced story that keeps your eyes riveted on the screen. Even though I could pause the viewing at any time, I still waited until the commercials to get a snack or fill my water glass. That’s rare, even for most original TV series, and this is a remake of a series I saw almost twenty-years ago!

In a time when much of what you see on television is either over acted, or poorly written, or a shallow clone of some other series, it is refreshing to see someone can push the envelope while not going over the top.

My own book, Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged, uses the same fast-paced, multi-threaded storyline that keeps readers turning pages. Unlike V, my aliens don’t want to eat Earthlings, but instead mix their convicts into our population as part of a sophisticated rehabilitation process. Though the goal is to convert their criminals into good citizens, they don’t seem to realize or even care about its effect on the native population.

The excitement over the V series shows that there is still a large group of people hungry for well-crafted Sci-Fi drama and adventure stories. We who write in the genre are thrilled to see that.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged

Nothing Like the First Time

February 28, 2010

Though the book release party for my new book might be considered my first public event, my reading at the Community Library in Ketchum, Idaho was the first time I hadn’t packed the house with my own friends and family. I was naturally nervous, reading in front of a room full of strangers, but they quickly became friends.

The audience was attentive and even applauded when I finished. Everyone stayed through the questions and answers period, and then roughly a quarter of the forty people there lined up for books offered by The Chapter One Bookstore.

I’ll probably never get rich doing book signings, but getting out there to meet people who become excited about reading my book makes it all worthwhile.

I’m looking forward to the next one.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged

Ketchum book signing with my sister Susan

The Nightmare

February 7, 2010

I simply didn’t like it!

I’ve only had one real nightmare in my life. By “nightmare”, I don’t mean those disturbing dreams that leave you puzzled as to where that idea came from, or what it means. My dreams can be truly bizarre, but with this one exception, they’re never scary, because I know I can wake up at any time.

This particular dream happened when I was thirteen, and had all the makings of a real-life horror movie. In retrospect, I’m sure it was part of the process that created the Prison Earth series this blog is promoting. Prison Earth is a work of fiction, but the nightmare is as vivid a reality today as it was all those years ago.

I woke up in a dark place, my gut clenching with the uncomfortable certainty that I didn’t want to be there.

A blazing light suddenly appeared ahead of me, revealing a small room at the end of a long corridor. Someone I couldn’t see was pushing me toward what looked like an operating room. Though most of the room was fuzzy in my recollection, a single operating table in the middle riveted my attention. Bright lights made the table glow, and at various points around its head were cone-like objects on support stands. The cones were long and tapered to a needle-sharp point.

I felt my eyes bulge, and struggled as strong hands gripped my arms and heaved me onto the table. I don’t remember being strapped down, but I couldn’t move as a figure, dressed like a physician preparing to operate, loomed over me. A mask hid his face, but in the glaring light, his hands were as white as sunlit snow.

I fought against the unseen bonds as the individual began adjusting one of the cones, moving it closer to my head. I desperately wanted to push his hand away, but my own muscles would not respond, forcing me to watch in shivering terror as the cone drew nearer, and nearer, and…

Just as it touched me, I woke up, covered in sweat and breathing harder than if I’d just run a marathon. I jumped out of bed, searched for any sign of what I’d just seen. It seemed far too real to be a dream, and yet, here I was in my own room with no unexpected holes in my head.

With time, the effects of the dream faded, and I tried to tell myself it was just a stupid nightmare. Everybody has them. Obviously, I didn’t completely succeed. If I had, my novel, Prison Earth, might never have been written. But I still had to wonder why I felt so humiliated by that dream, and was certain the world would brand me a lunatic for even mentioning what I had experienced.

Was it real or imagined? I’ve heard of alien abductions, and like most other people, I find them hard to believe. Maybe they are fakes, or…maybe we’re just programmed to dismiss them out of hand.

What do you think? Has something like this ever happened to you? Could another race of people be controlling our lives?

Most of the time I’m sure they aren’t, but…then I remember the dream.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged

Change comes…

February 2, 2010

The anticipation (and angst) is over. The first copies of my new book finally arrived. The cover art came out beautifully, and they even spelled my name correctly. and Barnes and Noble ( not only have it listed, but now have the book cover and description posted. My web site ( has morphed into something I feel happy sending people to.

Now the second phase of the work starts: getting the word out. I’m looking forward to meeting people, doing readings, and seeing sales rise. It’s going to be a lot of work, and my social life will switch from quiet time with intimate friends to public gatherings with strangers who I hope will become die-hard fans of my work. For a quiet, somewhat reclusive guy like me, it will be a life-changing transition. As with all such transitions in my life, I look upon it with excitement and dread.

Bring it on!

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged