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Prison Earth Promo

March 7, 2011

I’ve entered both Prison Earth books into a promo. Order one or both of the Prison Earth books and get them at 1/2 off. This offer is only good through Sunday, March 13th.

Check it out now by clicking this link.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth Series


Release Announcement

March 6, 2011

Prison Earth - A Loss of Face
I am happy to announce the release of my newest book, Prison Earth – A Loss of Face in digital format. It can be viewed on all the popular digital readers, and even computers.

This book is the second in a trilogy that follows both humans and aliens in their pursuit of peace in a decidedly un-peaceful galaxy. It gives you insight into the trials and tribulations of:

Mobia: an Antrakan soldier who is kidnapped while on leave and forced to face a two-headed giant in a fight-to-the-death battle.

Bouche Perpatton: though human, she came from another planet to help free Earth from alien domination, only to find herself titled the Madonna Returned from Heaven. She is forced to go along with the ruse to help unite Earth’s people in their fight against the aliens controlling our planet.

Pana Khephra: desperately searching for a way to help the Antrakan people win their war against Maatiirani pirates, he is trapped inside a sentient planet and must help it and its siblings stop their mother from enslaving everyone Pana loves.

Due to some technical issues, the printed version of this book is not yet available, but I hope to have it in stores soon.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth