An Announcement

I make my living as a computer support consultant for small businesses. Computers are complex “organisms” with a variety of interconnected relationships between hardware and software. Each element stands on its own, but also has an influence on the whole system. I do well as a consultant because I love dealing with the intricate details required to make a networking environment work. That probably explains why my novels are also complex. Multiple threads that weave through the story, intersecting and moving apart, or splitting into two more threads that carry different sides of the same drama.

Some readers complained about this complexity in my first book, Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged. Most loved the fast-paced adventure. Those who didn’t like my first book, probably won’t care for the next one, Prison Earth – A Loss of Face, due to be released very soon. (The proof is “in the mail.”) Those who did enjoy my first offering will be very happy with the complex, interwoven story that throws humans into the convoluted and dramatic world of alien cultures. All sides will be dealing with an intra-galactic war, and that is never pretty.

Humans are part of this story, and yes, for those who absolutely must know, they do some serious alien butt kicking. Of course, the aliens get their own licks in, so it’s not all one-sided. Check out my web site for an updated status on releases. In this complex world of publishing, things are going to be a bit staggered. Electronic releases will be coming out at different times, due to the way the process works.

Happy reading!

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – The Series

Prison Earth 2 cover


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