A Question of Time

I am working on an idea for a book involving parallel universes and time distortion. (I haven’t stopped working on the Prison Earth series, but for reasons I won’t go into right now, I’m also writing this new book.)

I think we can all relate to time distortion, as opposed to time travel. Time travel is the intentional passage through time, while time distortion is a shift in time beyond our control. You wake up Thursday morning thinking it is Tuesday. Or even worse, the news does a follow up on an event that happened two years ago, but in your mind it was last month.

Yes, we all know it is just a trick of the mind, but is it really? What if Quantum Theory is correct and there are an infinite number of universes? How does time travel across those different universes? If a person were able to cross the barrier between them, would time be linear, or would you travel backward and forward in time?

The current working title for my new book is Three for Two. I’ve no idea how it will go, or what the ending might be. That is typical with my writing. The stories come to me like a fond memory, and before I know it, they’re typed out and ready for editing.

Or maybe it’s a life I’ve already experienced…in a parallel universe.

Stay tuned.

Clifford M. Scovell

Butterfly Nebula

Butterfly Nebula - in another universe, could we live here?


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