Fair Results

Oh my, I’d never want to be responsible for putting on a fair. Hot weather, and less-than enthusiastic crowds made for poor attendance. The vendors at the Marion County Fair, of which I was one, did poorly. I sold five books in four loooonnnng days. All the authors in the Oregon Authors table did poorly. How could we do otherwise? I probably only talked with a dozen people, other than other vendors, the entire time.

There was one happy moment, however. I got to do a reading. Not my own work, but I read two Dr Seuss books to children. That was a great break from the monotony of manning a booth with no customers.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged


One Response to “Fair Results”

  1. Becky Littrell Says:

    Cliff, I feel your pain…oh that’s right, I was one of the sleeeeepy authors. However, I wouldn’t trade a moment of the time spent with all of the talented authors. It was a rewarding experience.

    I so enjoyed the entertaining read…and adding to my personal bookshelf, several signed copies of fantiastic work.

    Happy Reading!
    BD Nelson
    Author of Abigail’s Cries & The Autobiography

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