The Best Book You Never Read

There are so many ways to get published today: traditional large publisher, small press, self-publishing, e-books, blogs, web sites, the list goes on.

As a writer, I try to use many of these, or at least I consider them. I think all writers still want to be picked up by a large publishing house. Like winning an award, it means you’ve made it. The big houses have connections you simply can’t make any other way. The old-school publishing world is all about the I’ll-scratch-your-back-if-you-scratch-mine attitude.

For example: Want to be on the New York Times best sellers list? You’d better be published through one of the few remaining large publishers, or their subsidiaries. The larger publishing houses have good connections that get their books onto that list quickly. The little guys don’t even get a chance at it.

“Really?” you ask.


To keep from overwhelming the bookstores that report their sales to the NY Times, the list is kept artificially short. (Very short, considering that only about 36 books are considered out of some 250,000 titles published in the US last year.) It is rare to see a new release from a small publisher there, and they won’t even consider self-published books.

So while you are reading the New York Times best sellers list in your local paper, it is important to know you are being shortchanged. You may never learn about the best books, because they’re not listed there.




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