Where’s the Real Entertainment?

The current myth is that entertainment is all about Hollywood. As proof, take a look at the main portals for “news”: msn, cnn, yahoo, etc. Isn’t it strange that real news is intermixed with blather about who some actor is sleeping with, who is gay, getting married, pregnant, or divorced? Are we really obsessed with what a particular Hollywood actress is going to name her illegitimate child? Do we really care if the dad’s name is Chad, or Brad, or Galahad? According to today’s press, we seem to…a lot!

It must be a sign of my age to remember when actors got press time when they won an award for their talent, not when they cheated on their mate(s), or checked themselves into yet another rehab center. I know it was a myth even then, but we used to think of those kinds of people as ignorant, poor white trash who lived in run-down trailer parks. Now they command seven and eight-figure salaries and people scramble to get even a glimpse at them. Even more disturbing: these are the people our children look up to.

It’s no wonder I enjoy slipping into the imaginary world of books. Writing is my balm for the sores of the “real” world. It is better entertainment because I participate in it. I feel the same for reading books…well written ones anyway. They draw me into their imaginary world, making me participate, get involved with the characters, and feel like I’ve lost a good friend when they end.

A good book is the best kind of entertainment. I may be completely out of touch, but I’m content to leave the Hollywood soap operas in California, and dive into an adventure I can sink my teeth into…or will sink its teeth into me.

Tell me I’m not alone.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged.


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