A Visit by Aliens

There they were, strange-looking creatures of every shape and style. Some with many arms, others with many heads, still others with…no head???

No, I wasn’t on the planet Zenon, or using hallucinogens. This was on planet Earth, at the UFO Fest in McMinnville, Oregon. I’d gone to McMinnville to sign books at the Third Street Books store, but who could resist the wild parade of other-worldly entities parading past their front door. Even pets got into the act, and seemed to be enjoying it as much as their masters. (Or maybe the four-legged creatures were the masters over their bipedal companions.)

The sidewalks were packed with onlookers as the parade rolled, walked, hopped, and wiggled by. Many of those watching were a sight to behold as well. A friend fell in love with a pair of Space Ballerinas. (Pictured here.)

I was thrown into a Dr. Seussian mood:

There were strange looking creatures of all shapes and all styles,
And I watched them in wonder for a very great while.
There were tall blue Warpillians, and short brown Stumpillians,
A black-caped Darth Vader gave me the silly-willians.

Four-legged masters lead their bipedal pets,
And dancing Space Ballerinians, quite light in their steps.
But the best thing about it, and I’ll swear that it is true.
All these alien creatures got along with the likes of me and you.

Though the streets were crowded with all kinds of life,
There was no pushing, or shouting, no grumbling, or strife,
Or fumbling, or fighting, or poking, or yikes!
Just a diverse group of people expressing their likes.

So calling all presidents, religious leaders, and such.
Please come and take notice. At least do that much.
If we can’t come together. If we can’t stop the hate.
What chance has humanity? Oh what is our fate?

What do you think?

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged

McMinnville, OR UFO Fest attendees

McMinnville, OR UFO Fest Space Ballerinas

With Jessica Maxwell (Roll Around Heaven) at Third Street Books

Third Street Books signing with friend, Jessica Maxwell (Roll Around Heaven)


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