I’ve been reevaluating events and progress since my book came out in January. I can see my inexperience with the publishing business has led me down some dead ends. In the last year, I’ve had more failures than successes in getting the word out. But I’m not going to pull a Sarah Palin and blame everyone for my lack of success. I prefer Harry S. Truman’s attitude: the buck stops here, and the next step is mine to take.

I’ve been trying to hurdle my way to the top. Since I was never good at jumping, I’ve got some seriously skinned knees, but I can’t sit around waiting for them to heal. My books promotional clock is ticking, and I’ve got to get back up and try again.

For starters, rather than try to jump to the national scene, I’m going to spend some time building my regional exposure. The big guns have thousands of guys and gals like me pounding on their door every day asking for an interview. Why should they open up for a nobody? I need to make my book worth their notice, and the only way to do that is to rack up sales in my local region.

Another more persuasive reason, is that I don’t have a bundle of money to spend. It doesn’t cost much to drive to local fairs, book signings and events. Rising airfare and hotel rates make long-distance travel prohibitive until I’ve generated some income from sales. I would have to sell a lot of books to pay for a trip from my Oregon home to the east coast, even if I visit a dozen locations while I’m there. That means I need a name people will recognize.

And that, unfortunately, is going to take time.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged

Prison Earth - Not Guilty as Charged

Prison Earth - available on, or Barnes and Noble


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