V is for…

I find it exciting that the new hit Sci-Fi series V is back on the air March 30th. Though there has been some controversy over the critically acclaimed show, I find it invigorating, and not just because I also write science fiction. Top-notch directing presents a fast-paced story that keeps your eyes riveted on the screen. Even though I could pause the viewing at any time, I still waited until the commercials to get a snack or fill my water glass. That’s rare, even for most original TV series, and this is a remake of a series I saw almost twenty-years ago!

In a time when much of what you see on television is either over acted, or poorly written, or a shallow clone of some other series, it is refreshing to see someone can push the envelope while not going over the top.

My own book, Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged, uses the same fast-paced, multi-threaded storyline that keeps readers turning pages. Unlike V, my aliens don’t want to eat Earthlings, but instead mix their convicts into our population as part of a sophisticated rehabilitation process. Though the goal is to convert their criminals into good citizens, they don’t seem to realize or even care about its effect on the native population.

The excitement over the V series shows that there is still a large group of people hungry for well-crafted Sci-Fi drama and adventure stories. We who write in the genre are thrilled to see that.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged


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