The Trials and Tribulations of Publishing

God I’m tired!

I’ve said that more than a few times over the last few weeks of getting my book, Prison Earth, to its release date. It’s not just those tedious hours of editing over the New Years holiday weekend, reading each sentence, paragraph, and page forwards and backwards to find any and all errors. It’s also dealing with the ancillary tasks: planning my book release party, ordering promotional materials, contacting and working with bookstores, etc.

I’m totally green at this, and it is sometimes hard to contain my rage when a printer churns out posters that are so dark you can hardly see the key elements of the book cover. Or struggling to help a bookstore owner buy books when PayPal refused to accept her credit card. At first I thought it was a problem on her end, but when PayPal also refused to accept my own card, I chalked it up as one more glitch designed to drive me crazy.

Does anyone at book-writing school tell you about these kinds of things? OK, I didn’t go to book-writing school, but they probably don’t.

And yet, I’m also driven by the excitement of seeing my work in print, with the hope that a lot of people will enjoy my fast-paced story that just might be more fact than fiction. My book release party is in a week and with any luck, (UPS could still reroute them through South America…) I’ll actually have books to sign.

Afterward, I’ll probably sleep for a week.

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged


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