Planned Insanity

UFO sightings have to be one of the longest-running conspiracy theories on the planet. To the ancients, a bright light flashing across the sky was an omen, and usually not a good one. Obviously, before man invented flying machines, anything zipping through the air without the help of feathers was something only crazy people saw. It was easy to argue against the observer, since they didn’t have video cameras or YouTube in those days. How were they going to prove they’d seen something so fantastic as a flying machine? (Or, before the invention of the word “machine”, a flying what?) What was the government’s comment before they had weather balloons?

How does that old saying go? “If God would have wanted man to fly, he’d have given us wings.” So there! Put this guy in the loony bin. Throw that lady in the dungeon, or burn her at the stake. That should stop all this crazy talk!

Now flash forward to modern times where we do have machines that fly without feathers. Why do we still think that anyone who sees an unidentified flying object is a nut case? If we’ve made it into space, isn’t it possible that a people occupying another planet are a jump ahead of us? If they were in control of our planet, and watching us closely, how would they handle it?

There’s bound to be an occasional slipup, like a saucer crash, or equipment failure that might expose their operation. Kidnapping witnesses is one option, but that risks even more exposure and curiosity. There’s a much easier alternative: make sure the witnesses can’t tell anyone because they’d be dismissed as either a wacko, liar, or conman.

You’ve seen a flying silver cigar in the sky? Ha! What was in that cigar you were smoking!

Aliens abducted you for three days? Yeah, right! You’ll do just about anything to get off work, won’t you?

A flying saucer landed in your neighbor’s field? Bring on the padded wagon! Another crop circle crazy over here!

Sound familiar?

Clifford M. Scovell
Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged


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