Hello Planet Earth!


I am perpetually wondering about things. For example, I recently saw a NASA Space Telescope photo showing not just billions of stars, but billions of galaxies. My mind went into overdrive and I had to ask: are we alone in this vast universe?

I can only imagine that not just one, but many other life forms exist somewhere out there. So then I have to wonder why they haven’t contacted us. I mean it’s not like we’re being secretive about our existence. With each passing year, we broadcast more and more noise into space via radio, TV, microwave, etc. Think of us as the noisy, obnoxious neighbor you wish would move far away. If they were looking at all, they’d have to know we were here.

So why the silent treatment? The easy answer is that space is a vast place, and the journey from their home to ours is simply impossible. Even travelling at the speed of light, our noisy electromagnetic transmissions may take millions of years just to get to our nearest thinking neighbor.

But I have to wonder.

Not so long ago, the Atlantic Ocean was considered too vast to traverse. Then Christopher Columbus jumped into his tiny sailboat, defied the conventional wisdom that he’d just fall off the edge of the Earth and did the trip in a few months. That started minds working and today we zip across that oversized tub of water in a matter of hours. The next “impossible” target was the moon, then Mars. As technology advances, our reach broadens, and so does the chance of our reaching a neighboring solar system, then another beyond that, and another, and another.

If we have reached this capability, I have to wonder if elsewhere in the universe another life form has evolved more quickly than Earthlings. After all, they may not have had dinosaurs to keep their mammalian ancestors from evolving, or cataclysmic meteor strikes setting their evolution back to near square one. Their capabilities might be eons ahead of where we are today.

So why don’t they drop by for a mocha?

Maybe they haven’t noticed us yet…or maybe they have. With all the unexplained UFO sightings around the world, and throughout history, it is possible they know much more about us than we’d like. So what’s the deal? Are we too weird, or violent, or simply too primitive to be worth the trouble?

My mind begins wondering again. They may not want to chat because they’re using us to further their own ends? For example, maybe Earth is a prison where these advanced beings transfer their convict’s souls into humanoid bodies to live among us. The convicts may actually believe they are humans, because they are born to human parents, mature, marry, raise children, grow old and die just like we do.

The major difference is that these convicts have a device inside their skull that allows their lives to be manipulated in the hope of making them “better” people. Unlike us, when they die, the powers-that-be either send them back for another “lifetime” of manipulation, or parole them by returning them to their original bodies.

What a crazy idea, and yet…I wonder…

Do you think there are aliens watching us from above? Have you ever had the feeling that you belong somewhere else?

The idea just wouldn’t leave my head, so I typed it out and sent it to a publisher. My new novel, Prison Earth – Not Guilty as Charged will be released on January 21st.


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